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Not only are you going to burn some calories while you’re here, you’re also going to get stronger mentally and physically.


As you’re building strength and burning calories, you’ll also be building confidence to attack anything that life throws at you.


You’ll also be meeting other motivated people who genuinely want to see you succeed... both inside and outside the gym.

Meet Some New Friends!

Kristina Allen -
I wanted to start working out in an uplifting group environment to motivate myself to work harder and more often to meet the goals I had set for myself.

Lauren Bruno -
I was new to Midland, moved here from Pittsburgh, PA, and one of the girls that I worked with suggested that I try crossfit with her. I was very nervous/intimidated at first, felt like I wasn't going to be able to hang with everyone else. When I first walked in, I was shocked at how welcoming and friendly everyone was, so I continued to go back. What has kept me here specifically is not only the challenging workouts and the accomplished feeling after completing one (and actually not dying) but the community atmosphere here at RSCF.

Kristina Allen -
I have learned that I am capable of more than I ever thought. I have never been one to lift weights so the thought of it was intimidating, but I have learned that you just have to get in there and try it and you'll be surprised what you can do!

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