Olympic Lifting


Austin Clift is the head of our Olympic Lifting program at RSCF. Austin has a very extensive lifting background including spending countless hours training at a strength training and performance facility in Windsor, CO that specializes in Olympic Lifting.  There he was taught by two coaches with Level 2 USAW, and one with a Level 3 USAW certifications.  These mentors have taken multiple athletes to Nationals, and Austin was fortunate enough to train under them on not only perfecting his own lifts, but also mastering how to coach Olympic weight lifting to others.  Our Olympic Lifting classes are Mondays and Wednesdays at 6:30pm, and every other Friday at 5:30pm.  This class focuses on building technique, and helping our athletes become stronger overall in their Olympic lifts.  RSCF members can attend this class for an additional $65 per month, and non-members for $135 per month.