Courtney Jezek is head of our Gymnastics program at RSCF.  She competed at the Club Gymnastics level for eight years, also won state in high school, and competed at the University of Anchorage Alaska on a full ride Division 1 scholarship for four years.   After finishing college she took a head gymnastics coaching position for five years.  Courtney has been with RSCF for about a year and had an amazing 2017 CrossFit Open finish, ranking 124th in the South Central Region.  Gymnastics classes are Tuesday and Thursday evenings at 5:30pm, and every other Saturday at 12:30pm.  This class focuses on improving gymnastics movements and progressions.  It is dedicated to strengthen your core and improve on movements such as handstand walks, pull ups, hand stand push ups, toes to bar, etc.  RSCF members can attend this class for an additional $45 per month, and non-members for $95 per month.