The 2018 Open is Upon us!!

In short, the CrossFit Open is the first of two qualifiers for the CrossFit Games. Those who make the cut in the Open move on to Regionals, and then potentially the CrossFit Games. Ok, so now that that is out of the way, let’s talk about what it means to us. The CrossFit Open is five workouts that serve as a benchmark of how our previous years fitness changed and it serves as a measure of how our next years fitness will continue to change.

Think of it as a benchmark workout, except it’s 5 of them, served up 1 per week, for 5 weeks straight. It challenges us to perform things we may have never done, and to learn what we need to improve upon. It pushes us way out of our comfort zone physically, mentally and maybe even emotionally, but does so while placing us in an immensely supportive environment amongst friends and fellow athletes. We’ve had athletes of all age groups, experience levels, and motivations join us and not one has asked for their money back. It’s $20 and it is for EVERY skill level.  

Now, for the details; The CrossFit Open begins Thursday, February 22nd when they will announce the first 2018 CrossFit Open WOD to the world. It will be the WOD all day on Friday, the 23rd, at RSCF in regular group class but the real fun begins at 5pm with the Friday Night Lights. At 5pm, we throw down on whatever Dave Castro (CrossFit co-director of training) has thrown at us that week. Think of it as the Cool Cruel Summer series with judges and on a global level. That’s right, we’ll need certified judges and we rely on you all to help us have plenty of judges and move through these work outs timely and efficiently.

You will start by registering for the CrossFit Open, MAKE SURE YOU SIGN UP UNDER THE RENEWED STRENGTH CROSSFIT TEAM.  When you sign up, it will give you the option to put your affiliate, Renewed Strength Crossfit, then another place to put your team, once again Renewed Strength Crossfit.  Putting it in both places is VERY important.  Then, for 5 Fridays (2/23-3/23) you’ll sign-up for a heat at the box, and we will run through each heat, cheering each other on and pushing one another. If you choose to the WOD during the day, instead of during Friday night lights, it will be the programmed daily WOD every Friday, but please feel free to come join us each Friday evening and cheer on your fellow RSCF athletes. When you come in for the FNL event there will be a heat sign-up at the main whiteboard, so keep an eye on the time and make sure you warm up in time for your assigned heat.  Don’t worry, everyone else will be nervous too! And yes, as always, there will be scaling for every level!

We will need lots of judges!  Something different this year…if you plan to REDO any wods this year, you MUST help us judge and be a certified judge, otherwise we will not be able to judge you on any redos as this is extremely time consuming.  

We expect questions, so please come to any Coach with any concerns you have about joining us!

Friday Night Lights at RSCF: 
18.1- Feb. 23
18.2- March 2
18.3- March 9
18.4- March 16
18.5- March 23

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