Better Together Challenge Results

Over the past three months we have had a gym competition that holds you accountable for your workouts and your eating.  RSCF members picked their teams of three for the challenge.  The winning team of three each received $150 dollars a piece, totaling $450 bucks.  Yeah, they got paid to be fit.  This challenge has been the most productive to date.  We have had people become more aware of what they eat and have also stepped up their workouts from 3-4 per week to 5-6 per week.  This stepped up peoples fitness game and it was awesome to see the results.

When starting this challenge, we decided on three months because we didn’t want this to be a just a “challenge” but more- a lifestyle adjustment.  The members that really took hold of this, did just that.  Here are just a few of the results at RSCF.  Pictures coming soon.

Weight Loss

  • Nate- 30 lbs
  • Heather- 22lbs
  • Monica- 22 lbs
  • Garret- 20 lbs
  • Jennifer- 18 lbs
  • Connor- 16 lbs
  • Amos- 14 lbs
  • Braunwaun- 14 lbs
  • Janie- 14 lbs
  • Laurel- 13.5 lbs
  • Pat- 12 lbs
  • Jamie D- 12 lbs
  • Angel- 10 lbs
  • Austin M.- 10 lbs
  • Jaime- 10 lbs
  • Erica- 8 lbs
  • Katie- 8 lbs
  • Marilyn- 8 lbs
  • Austin C- 5 lbs

1st place team- (Kipping It Real) Austin Morris, Angel Silva, Janie Jaquez 1,412 points

2nd place team- (Fit To Win) Amos Aguirre, Jaime Jaquez, Laurel Silva 1,372 points

3 rd place team- (Jiggle Me Kettlebells) Austin Clift, Ellie Garza, Nate Moroles 1,345 points

Congrats to all you guys that competed in the challenge.  Great job to you all!  We are going to start having some nutrition seminars, in the near future, to keep the healthy lifestyles up.  We are going to continue to keep getting better!

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