WOD 1- PARTNER HOLLEYMAN (timecap 18 mins)

RX- 5 wallballs (25/20), 3 hspu, 1 clean (225/155) Intermediate- 5 wallballs (20/14), 3 hspu on abmat, 1 clean (185/125)

At 3,2,1 go partner one has to complete one full round of Holleyman, once that full round is complete, partner will run about 10 ft to starting line to tag their partner. Once partner is tagged they will proceed to complete next round of Holleyman. This will continue until all 30 rounds are complete or timecap is hit.

WOD 2- SKILLZ (timecap 17 mins)

RX- 30 squat snatch (155/105), 30 bar muscle ups, 60 front squats (155/105), 60 C2B pullups, 90 deadlifts (155/105), 90 ttb Intermediate- 30 POWER snatch (135/85), 30 pullups, 60 front squat (135/85), 60 pullups, 90 deadlifts (135/85), 90 ttb alt.

At 3,2,1 GO partner one will start on snatches. You and your partner can alternate as needed through the entire workout. This is a chipper style wod and once a movement is finished you will not return to that movement. Note* some may not finish in time cap, if partners do not finish during the 17 mins then all the additional reps they did not complete will be added as seconds to the end of their score. Note 2* Intermediate has been changed to POWER snatch and/or squat snatch. Note 3* the line to tag your partner will be located 10 ft away from workout area.

WOD 3 THE RUNNER VS THE LIFTER (21 min timecap)

RX- (135/95) INTERMEDIATE (115/75)

At 3,2,1 Go. Partner 1 will run 1500 meters. After that partner 2 will be tagged and complete Isabelle. Once partner 2 has finished Isabelle he will then tag partner 1 who will complete 1500 meters on the rower. After the 1500 meters is complete there will be one last tag to partner 2 who will complete Grace. Once the last rep of grace is complete the time will be recorded.

FINAL WOD…. There will be a final WOD for the top teams in each division.

RX- max alt. dumbell snatch (50/35) (8 MIN AMRAP)…. There will be a 15 ft handstand walk to the platform for dumbell snatches. Anytime partner wants to switch with partner, they will have to handstand walk 15 ft to tag out.

Intermediate- max alt. dumbell snatch (50/35)… There will be a 15 ft- 1 arm overhead lunges. Each partner will have to overhead lunge (35/20) for 15 ft, anytime the partners want to switch. \



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