Why You Should Be #InTheOpen

Open Season is here!

If you are newer to CrossFit and not familiar with The Open, “The 2019 Reebok CrossFit Games Open is the largest fitness competition on earth and an exciting showcase of the CrossFit community” (games.crossfit.com). The Open takes place over a five week period (beginning February 21st) in CrossFit affiliates worldwide with a new workout each week. After the five weeks are up, top athletes from around the globe will advance to The CrossFit Games and compete for the title of “Fittest on Earth.”

“Well, I’m not going to qualify for the games, so why should I sign up?”

Glad you asked! Obviously, only the top 1% of the top 1% make it to the Games, however that does not mean your Open performance is any less significant!

The CrossFit Open is more than just another CrossFit competition. The Open is a challenge and a celebration of the hard work YOU put in all year round. It’s about proving YOUR fitness. CrossFit designs the Open workouts to push you to your limits, yet they are still created to be functional and scalable. The Open is for athletes of any age, ability and experience level.

Here at RSCF, we take pride in our gym’s Open performance as a whole. We are a family, all pushing each other to be the best version of ourselves. Nothing brings a gym together quite like the Open. In past Opens we have seen athletes hit PRs, nail their s skills, and crush time caps. (There’s something about having a personal judge and a screaming crowd that will push you to a new level.) We do the Open WODs “Friday Night Lights” style, where we have several heats going at once. This is also a great time to invite your friends and family to the gym so they can see what CrossFit is all about.

We hope to have as many of you sign up for The Open as possible. The more the better! We love seeing where RSCF stacks up in our region and around the world.

Sign up at: games.crossfit.com

When you create your account be sure to choose Renewed Strength CrossFit in Midland, TX as your affiliate.

We are excited to throw down next to you this year. This is going to be our best Open yet. Get signed up! Get #InTheOpen

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