RSCF Judges – 2017 Open

Attn: RSCF, we are going to need a lot of quality judges this year for the OPEN.  We are going to have many people competing this year and the whole process goes way smoother with good, quality, judging.  Click here to sign up for the course Please, if you decide to be a judge, make sure to bring your ‘A’ Game!  We want to hold the standards high, so no bro-reps!  Also, if you haven’t had a chance to register for the 2017 Open, make sure you visit and sign up!  This is an awesome experience and I hope you take part in this opportunity. We have an amazing RSCF family and this is the perfect time to come together and have some fun!  It means so much to myself, and the RSCF coaching staff, to see you give it your all out on the floor.  I look forward to the upcoming weeks!  Please, go sign up, and see how you stack up against the world.  And remember, NO BRO REPS!

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