The Strength Of Renewed Strength

This past weekend, 18 RSCF athletes, representing three different teams, took the stage on the competition floor.  I was extremely proud of the hard work our athletes put in, both in competition and the weeks leading to the event.  Everybody showed a lot of heart and dedication as the weekend commenced, overcoming heat and multiple pulled hamstrings.  We, as RSCF, have become stronger and more disciplined than ever before.  We are the fittest we have been since I opened the doors to my garage, years ago and no signs of slowing down.  Our coaches are top notch, more experienced and dedicated than ever.  They are humble and willing to learn; they are determined to share their knowledge and their love of the sport.  We have an amazing facility God has blessed us with and many amazing friends.  Our community has become our strength and it continues to be renewed everyday.  I know God has truly blessed me, as a gym owner, giving me the opportunity to watch His plan unfold.  When I started RSCF, I never dreamed that we would become the family that we have.  As is the case in all families, we still have a lot of growing to do, however, I look forward to continue to  walk guided by my Father.   I am overjoyed that He has given me a beautiful wife, who is the most compassionate and competitive person I know, to share this journey with.  Thank you guys for continuing to make RSCF more than just four walls full of weights and barbells.  I look forward to our future endeavors.

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