West Texas Shakedown Coming To RSCF

Marty Barrett has worked for the Midland Police Department for 20 years. He is currently the Identification Supervisor for the Midland Police Departments Crime Scene Unit. Marty is married and has two 16 year old teenagers. He is a cancer survivor, suffers from Rheumatoid Arthritis and is anemic. During the month of June 2016, Marty was on vacation with his family in Aransas Pass when he was struck with a life threatening illness. Marty was transported to Rockport, Texas to be admitted into the hospital. While in the hospital doctors diagnosed with Pancreatitis Necrosis (dead pancreas). Marty was hospitalized in Rockport for two months. After being released from the hospital in Rockport, Marty had to be fed with a feeding tube for two months. When he returned home to Midland, he again was hospitalized for three more weeks. Marty lost over 60 pounds and 80% of his pancreas. The necrosis has formed a pseudocyst that has wrapped around the blood supply to his spleen. Surgery is now needed and will require the removal of the pseudocyst, spleen, and gall bladder. The surgery is extremely risky and is considered life threatening. Because of these medical complications, Marty has exhausted all of his sick leave and receives no pay when he is too ill to work.

Help us in supporting Marty during this troubling time for him and his family. Donations of any amount will be appreciated. On April 29, 2017 at 8:00 a.m., Midland Police Department and Renewed Strength Crossfit, 709 Technology Circle, Midland, will be hosting the 2017 West Texas Shakedown. All the proceeds raised from this event will go to Marty and his family to assist with their finances. This will be a fun competition to watch and a good time for all. Please come out and support Marty.

This Competition will be open to anybody in the police department (Midland or Odessa) or RSCF member.  However, if you go to any other gym and want to partner up with somebody that works in the police department, that is great too.  We want to keep as much focus on our local police as possible.  This is a Midland Police Department competition that is being hosted by Renewed Strength CrossFit.  We hope you can all come out and have some fun.  Please contact John Chandler if you have any questions regarding this competition.   jchandler@midlandtexas.gov

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